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 EcotoxicoMic 2020

 2nd International Conference on Microbial Ecotoxicology

 October 6-9, 2020


EcotoxicoMic 2017: the 1st international conference on microbial ecotoxicology held in Lyon, France, brought together more than 200 participants from 22 countries, and 120 oral communications and posters showing the richness and diversity of research conducted in microbial ecotoxicology. Three years later, a second edition of the EcotoxicoMic congress will be organized in Montpellier from 6-9th October 2020. Communications presented during this edition will highlight the latest advances and discoveries in the field as well as new tools that open up prospects for future innovations.


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Besides climate change concerns, the release of potentially toxic compounds into the environment raises many societal and environmental concerns. Urgent responses are expected in particular regarding the effects of these pollutants on the health of human populations and ecosystems. The reduction of the toxic effects of these pollutants, released by human activities or from natural origin, represents a major challenge for the Anthropocene. In this context, it is essential to improve understanding of their transfer, transformation and effect on the biosphere and to study their fate in ecosystems.
Although generally invisible to the naked eye, microorganisms are essential for life on earth: primary production, carbon recycling, primary role in major biogeochemical cycles, etc. Exposure to pollutants can threaten the structure, as well as the functions of these microbial communities, but microorganisms are also key players in pollutant ecodynamics because of their role in their transport, transformation or degradation. They are also early sentinels of these pollutions, revealing the pressure of toxic elements in the environment, and are used as model organisms in experimental studies or in bioremediation processes. The diversity of the microbial world, by its nature, its functions and the very diverse environments in which it can develop, offers the possibility to study a wide range of situations presenting increasing levels of complexity, from mechanisms of expression and mitigation of the toxicity of model organisms to the complex interactions within microbial communities in the environment.
Microbial ecotoxicology is a recent transversal discipline, where scientific fields are inevitably decompartmentalized: theoretical and experimental ecology, population dynamics, microbiology, soil physics, hydrology, analytical chemistry, bioprocesses, agronomy, etc. These fields represent only a small part of the disciplines used to understand the relationships between microorganisms and the pollutants to which they are exposed. Scientists from different horizons meet and collaborate, to produce new knowledge that will help to better understand the impacts of pollution on microorganisms and their consequences on the functioning of ecosystems, and which may also eventually allow to propose solutions to reduce these impacts.





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